The Grizzly Bug is a scaled down cousin of my Predator Bugger. The Grizzly Bug has a smaller profile and silhouette. It is a perfect choice when sight casting, fishing in shallow water, or along shallow shoreline areas.

This unweighted pattern imitates a host of aquatic food sources including leeches, damsels, caddis, mayflies, and dragonfly nymphs. It is an excellent fly to locate feeding trout. I’ve incorporated UV materials to add visibility and increase the fly’s productivity.

How to Fish:

This fly is designed to target the top three feet and shallow shoreline areas. It is productive both trolling or using cast and retrieve. I prefer using an intermediate sink tip line, a slow intermediate sinking line, or a floating line.

Grizzly Bug attached with a loop knot

Use slow, 4- to 6-inch retrieves incorporating 2-4 second pauses between pulls. When trolling, stop the troll when beginning the retrieve. Otherwise, the combined speed of the retrieve and the troll will move the fly too quickly and reduce the potential number of hooks ups. Use a loop knot to attach the fly to the tippet as it allows the fly more natural movement.

Be prepared with a variety of sizes and colors based on conditions and trout preference. In the spring I use a #10 hook. During the summer and fall I reduce the hook size to a #12.

Colors: Black, Burgundy, Burnt Orange, and Dark Olive
Hook Sizes: #10 and #12

Click here to see all of the colors of the Grizzly Bug.

Trout caught on my Grizzly Bug

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