About Vickie

Introducing Vickie

I am Vickie Loftus and I am coming to you from my favorite location – on the water. Fishing over 200 days and traveling up to 15,000 miles a year, I fish lakes in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, California, and Montana. I am passionate about being the best I can in this sport and sharing what I have learned.

For the last six years I have been field-testing and perfecting my own line of fly-fishing patterns. My blog provides detailed information on how to fish these flies.

My blog is unique in offering:

  • an online educational resource for anglers
  • detailed, easy to print documents with information including how to fish my fly patterns
  • updated fishing reports
  • ideas for possible fishing destinations
  • easy to articles organized by topic (presentation, tackle, flies, fly-fishing, what trout eat, etc.)
  • a virtual guide service – send me your questions and I will post my answers

My desire is to provide helpful and valuable information to increase your fly-fishing success. I am dedicated to assisting anglers and expanding the opportunities to new anglers who want to take the plunge into this exciting sport.

StillwaterAdventure.com is your destination for everything stillwater. Get inspired and geared up to have a stellar fly-fishing experience. I hope to fish with you soon! See you on the water!

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